Monday, October 24, 2011

It Isn't Nice

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Biggest Fear

The BIGGEST FEAR of the Power Elite is the American (and world) population finally realizing their economic power and using it.

People pay for things out of fear. Best example "INSURANCE". People are psychologically terrorized into paying 300, 400, 500, 600 ++++ dollars a month for health insurance, terrorized that they will "lose" everything if one of the family gets a catastrophic illness. 600.00 for health insurance, 300.00 for car insurance, 500.00 for homeowners insurance. So 1400.00 a month supporting the insurance companies who find thousands of ways not to pay on a claim and then drop the policy once it is used. Then the family can't get "insurance" anyway. What if EVERYONE - including businesses - just stopped paying altogether??? All at once.

What if EVERYONE found a way to pay for solar collectors on their house and reduced spending on electricity to a bare minimum?

What if EVERYONE stopped buying junk food products completely - no microwave foods, "snack" foods, "fast" foods? Not even processed cereals of any kind, just plain oats and corn meal?

What if EVERYONE stopped going to the movies or renting movies all at once?

What if EVERYONE stopped eating out in all restaurants at once?

What if Everyone stopped shopping in malls all at once?

What if EVERYONE cashed out their investment portfolios, 401Ks and bank accounts all at once?

What if EVERYONE stopped paying their credit card accounts all at once?

What if EVERYONE pulled their children out of public school all at once?

EVERYONE is absolutely terrified of change.

What if EVERYONE stopped using their cars as much as possible - finding public transportation options wherever possible and carpooling as much as possible?

Our power is in our purses. But it has to be unified. We could change the world literally overnight if EVERYONE would see the sense in refusing to cooperate with the fear mongering of the Power Elite.

What if EVERYONE did not file an income tax return (no matter if they "owed" or were expecting a "refund"?)

What if NO ONE joined the military or re-enlisted?

We have been hypnotized into BELIEVING that we have to do all of these things or face disaster. But we ARE facing DISASTER now - on a massive scale! Still, we are hypnotized into believing that the current status quo of our political and economic machine is the only way to save ourselves and that as THE PEOPLE we are powerless to effect change.

What brought the Civil Rights Movement to the forefront? Not just Rosa Parks refusing to move her seat and being arrested. It was the hundreds of working people who refused to ride the buses. They walked miles and miles to get to their jobs as housekeepers and laborers. They put themselves through physical suffering. But they bit into the PROFITS of the local bus companies and it was then the bus companies who had to figure out how to change if they wanted their business back.

What if EVERYONE dropped every civil lawsuit all at once?

What if EVERYONE cancelled their order for a new car and EVERYONE stopped going to the car dealerships?

What if EVERYONE cancelled their life "insurance" policy at once?

What if EVERYONE "on the street" who isn't absolutely addicted already stopped buying drugs, alcohol and tobacco?

What if EVERYONE stopped buying all over the counter and prescription drugs that weren't absolutely necessary for life support?

What if EVERYONE stopped contributing to "CANCER RESEARCH" which is a scam?

What if EVERYONE stopped donating to big charities and took that money and pooled it with their church or other community organization to really help people in their own town and neighborhood? The money we send overseas goes predominantly into the pockets of the political puppets, not to the people who need the aid. Do we see any improvement in Haiti or New Orleans? We can't help the world until we truly help ourselves.

What if EVERYONE stopped buying the latest electronic gadget just because it is new?

What if EVERYONE stopped using Itunes?

What if EVERYONE stopped contributing to EVERY political campaign?

Take the extra money from the things you are not paying for and pay down your home mortgage as fast as possible.

Amortization is the basis of the slave state.

Be content with your home if you have one. You don't need bigger and better!

If you are in the position to buy a home, buy the smallest and least expensive that you can. Your children do NOT need their own bedrooms. You do NOT need a swimming pool or game room. You do NOT need granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

You do NOT need brand new furniture and clothes. You do NOT need an expensive vacation.

What if EVERYONE stopped watching TELEVISION and cancelled their cable accounts?

What would we want to change?

What should we be demanding?

1. Cancel the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately and withdraw all troops and military operations from anywhere outside the US. Cease all interference in conflicts not on US soil. Require any and all future military engagements to be voted on by the general population in a fair and honest referendum.

2. Allow military personnel and their families to sue the Federal Government for damages caused by the use of depleted uranium, agent orange or any other chemical or biological warfare agent that has affected their health or the health of their children and family. Allow such families to continue their health and benefits coverage even if they leave the military.

3. Reduce the military budget by 50% immediately and an additional 25% within 5 years. This one change would more than fund all other social benefit and infrastructure programs. Money may be made available to Social Security, Medicare/ Medicaid and other programs from the discretionary budget, but no money may ever be transferred from the Social Security/ Medicare fund into the general income tax allotment.

4. Total universal ban on the use of “Depleted Uranium” anywhere and under any conditions. Total government commitment to clean up and reparations of damage to anyone and everyone affected by the use of depleted uranium past and present.

5. Total ban on biological and chemical weapons development and use. A safe disposal of all such weapons currently in existence.

6. A total end to uranium mining, nuclear power, nuclear energy and any form of uranium processing and the creation of nuclear waste products. A concerted effort to deal with the radioactive waste already created.

7. Employ the returned military troops to rebuild the American infrastructure – roads, rails, dams, bridges, mass transit of all kinds, alternative energy production, disaster prevention and the creation of effective disaster response facilities and training programs.

8. A mandate that all stadiums and other places of public assembly whose construction was paid in any part by local, state or federal taxpayer dollars must be built to withstand the effects of natural disasters and fully equipped with all disaster supplies and equipment needed to shelter and care for the amount of people that the venue is licensed to hold including back up generator systems, electronic communication systems and training and employment of emergency response teams within the facility or on call at all times. The set up and maintenance of these facilities including administration and training; medical, emergency and service personnel; supplies and equipment and power generation must be funded exclusively by the profits from the sports, entertainment or other activities regularly held at the facility. Entrance to the emergency response facility will not be dependent on attendance at any facility event or function. Full services including medical, baby and child care, elderly care and assistance and pet facilities must be included. MREs and water must be sufficiently maintained at all times. An efficient and fast reception procedure must be created, trained for and followed insuring that everyone who seeks shelter is received into the facility upon entry and processed with an identity bracelet and their contact information for relatives uploaded rapidly into a national contact database. Paid and volunteer personnel must be available to assist parents with young children, pregnant women, anyone who is disabled requiring assistance and elderly people without a companion. Able bodied adults not already caring for children, elderly or disabled companions should be recruited to be of assistance to others under the supervision of trained personnel. Isolated areas should be arranged ahead of time to accommodate anyone suspected of having a communicable disease. Simple triage should be provided after identification processing to identify any basic health issues.

9. The elimination of the Electoral College and elections based on a fair and honest count of the populace vote. Eliminate party primaries. Allow all candidates for government offices to appear on the legal ballot regardless of party affiliation.

No private funding for election campaigns. An amount provided, say, a million dollars for any person who wishes to run for public office who can obtain a certain amount of petition signatures, to be determined by the population density of their state or local area. Eligibility based on age (35 and up); no previous mental health or criminal records; graduated from at least two years of college; pass a civil examination related to government functioning (at least as comprehensive as those used for citizenship eligibility); no personal or owned company bankruptcies; a written statement of goals and policy plans if elected made fully public., including previous profession affiliations with companies, groups or other organization which the candidate intends on promoting or supporting during her or his term in office. Disqualification and legal punishments provided if proven to have held positions or affiliations with any company or group which is not made public in the candidate's written statement of goals and policies. 

Immediate disqualification and repayment of monies forwarded if proven to have accepted money from private sources before, during or after the campaign. No income allowed during or after term in elected office except the salary entailed by the office itself. The only exception being already owned company or companies continuing to function independently during the term in office. The income from such companies would be held in escrow and proof of outside money being filtered into and through such companies would be punishable as criminal offense. The elimination of lobbying by any means other than the providing of information pertaining to issues under consideration in written or other standard technology format. (added 7/23/16)

10. Reform mortgage and banking practices as outlined below and prohibit the sale of loans of all kinds except in the case of the bankruptcy or closing of the original lender.* It is believed that this kind of property reform and protection for homeowners and business owners would result in increased job stability and provide incentives for banking interests to fund job creation programs in order to get homeowners and business entities back to being able to pay their mortgages.

11. Eliminate the Federal Reserve and create a true currency system. Gradually base back to the dollar. First, to silver for a time, then to gold.

12. Eliminate all Federal programs concerning state and local school system, especially but not limited to “No Child Left Behind.” Create a system of Federal supplemental funding not tied to any government party or program and fund per student in all areas, regardless of school performance. Allow state and local population to govern their own school systems.

13. End the “War on Drugs”. Legalize marijuana use under the same terms and restrictions as alcohol. Divert funds from the intelligence and quasi-military operations to fund free rehabilitation clinics across the country and to provide mental health and life counseling for those who wish to stop drug and alcohol use without reprisal.

14. Create a “Constitutional Defense Fund” which provides both legal fees and living expenses for any citizen or permanent resident involved in any legal case involving the suppression or violation of any civil right or freedom guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The amount of benefits must cover reasonable expenses for the defendant and his or her family in terms of cost of living obligations while the defendant is awaiting trial or is on trial or is awaiting adjudication. Full legal defense must be provided that is accepted and approved by the defendant. Civil rights and freedoms must not be protected only for those who have the personal funds to sustain a long legal defense.

15. Completely nullify and overturn the “Patriot Act” and any other post 9/11 legislation that in any way interferes with the Civil Rights and Freedoms, including (but not limited to) the right to privacy and freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

16. Establish an effective “guest worker” program that allows all skilled and non-skilled workers who are able to show proof of a job offer a one year temporary residency. Make educational advancement, both in the English language and general education mandatory for the consideration of extension or re-entry. In other words, all guest workers would need to be tested for their mastery of basic spoken and written English and to complete a GED if they have no high school equivalent diploma from their home country. If they already have such, they must show satisfactory course work either in a community college course leading to a degree or a technical or professional course provided by an accredited institution.

17. Mandatory jail time of no less than 10 years for any public official in local, state or federal government who is proved to have accepted any money or items of value in consideration of their vote or support. Limit all lobby efforts to information only. Prohibit all “perks” and “entertainment” as part of any lobby effort. Prohibit nepotism in any plan or program supported in any way by either the House of Representatives or the Senate. In other words, contracts may not be made available to any company owned or operated by a relative of any elected official. (like a company’s employees not being eligible to win that company’s contest or sweepstakes). If any contract is found to be awarded to a company or entity owned or operated by a close friend or business colleague of an elected official, that contract must be reposted for bids and that elected official not allowed to vote on the award of contract.

18. Eliminate all financial aid programs funded by Federal or State tax monies to foreign countries. Restructure aid programs for humanitarian purposes only (non-military). Provide food, water, shelter and health assistance via independent aid organizations and not through direct payments to government officials or ruling entities.

19. Provide Federal funds to make all two year community colleges and vocational training programs free to US citizens and permanent residents. Increase the Federal grant programs for all colleges, technical or vocational schools and other accredited institutions so that the grant toward tuition is three quarters of the total cost incurred and student loans provide no more than one quarter of the cost.

20. Create a National Health program based on the European model. Have all workers pay $25.00 per week for each adult in their household and $15.00 per week for each child. Include dental, vision and short term disability coverage. Include all mental health, weight reduction and fitness programs. Provide home health services for new mothers and for the elderly. Cover the cost of catastrophic illness after the individual or family has paid up to 10% of their current income on medical costs.

21. Create local and state run programs that pay family members to care for their elderly, children and long term sick at home. Allow one family member to stay home and be paid a modest income (suggest $15.00 an hour on a 40 hour week basis). Create a supervisory program which would do an initial evaluation of the homes’ suitability, the family member’s competence and the needs of the person being cared for. There should be a spontaneous visit to the home every two to four weeks to document the continuation of proper care, cleanliness and feeding. Applicants for the program should be required to attend a training and discussion session once a month on the weekend to learn about good care practices and to share support and information with others in their situation and with counselors. This program may replace current “welfare” programs and provide mothers of young children the opportunity to care for children younger than primary school grade. It is believed that such a program would reduce the burden on government currently funding institutions that provide nursing and living care for the elderly and ill that the family is unable to provide care for due to the need for all adult members to work outside the home. $15.00 per hour would be substantially less than is currently paid to home health care agencies and their workers.

22. Protection of all non-corporate farming and gardening enterprises, including family farms and all gardens grown on private property, including residential “deed protected” neighborhoods. Some restrictions may apply to the keeping of livestock but growing a garden either in the front or the back of a home should be allowed and even encouraged.

23. Eliminate ALL GMO seed and production operations. Prohibit lawsuits by Monsanto. Protect farmers’ right to save seed from their own crops. Allow farmers to sue Monsanto or any other corporation whose products, including fertilizer, weed killer and pesticides contaminate their crops.

24. Make Income Tax, capital gains tax and corporate earnings tax 10% of earnings across the board with no loopholes up to the first one millions dollars of yearly income or profit. Increase to 20% on income or profit between one and five million in any given year. Increase t0 30% on all yearly income or profit above five million dollars per individual or business entity. Require any and all corporate or business entities to pay the minimum 10% tax on all profits if they do any business in the US or its territories regardless of where their corporate offices or manufacturing operations are located. Require an additional 10% on any corporation or business entity that can be shown to have moved their operations out of the United States for purposes of lowering labor and operating costs.

25. Maintain protection of all current and future wilderness, park and wildlife refuge areas. Prohibit development and drilling on all such land in perpetuity.

26. Require a 5% increase in Social Security benefits yearly, regardless of the cost of living increase as is currently calculated. Reduce the retirement age for full benefits to 62. Increase the benefit amount by 2% for every year that a person works full time and postpones their claim for benefits after age 62.

27. Completely revamp the Social Security and Medicare system to provide a livable income for any person needing disability coverage and who reaches retirement age. Suggested amount $2,500.00 per month minimum. Reduce waiting time for Social Security benefits decision to two month maximum and revamp the process to stop the massive denial/ appeals process which costs the taxpayers more in legal and administrative costs than a grant of benefits would entail. Make full Medicare coverage go into effect as soon as Social Security benefits begin. Remove income taxation from all Social Security and Unemployment benefits. In consideration of the fact that most disabilities are produced by major health impairment, all roadblocks to fast approval of benefits should be eliminated. Penalties for fraud may be increased, but the first assumption on the filing of an application with medical certification should be that it is a valid claim. Benefit amounts should NOT be based on lifetime income due to the fact that the need may be much greater at lower income levels. Benefits should be granted solely on cost of living at a reasonable level determined by the applicant’s financial obligations.

28. Include a new short-term disability program paid into via payroll tax that provides emergency coverage for suspension or loss of income due to accident or major illness requiring more than two weeks’ recuperation and/ or treatment. Benefits amounts should be granted solely on the basis of need to cover the individual’s financial obligations for self and family. Again, penalties for fraud should be of a severity to prevent fraud in most cases, but he initial assumption of a medically based claim should be that it is valid and should be approved with speed.

29. Fund the research and development of sustainable energy of all kinds. Provide a tax incentive for all homeowners and business property owners who install solar, wind or other renewable energy products and create a no interest loan program for all property owners who wish to do so. Invest in solar and wind technology across the board. Override homeowner association regulations that may prohibit the installation of such energy generation systems solely on the basis of conventional aesthetics.

30. Provide Federal funding for mass transit systems that are sustainable, efficient and as non-polluting as possible and for programs that encourage local business operations that reduce the amount of commuting by their employees. Also, an income tax incentive for a person who can show a verified odometer mileage below a certain yearly level. Or an affidavit verifying the use of public transport systems or bicycles for daily commuting.

31. Provide financial incentives to all developers and builders who incorporate sustainable energy and water systems into their projects. Encourage through financial incentives forms of architecture more compatible with the local environment and which take into consideration the effects of natural threats.

32. Maintain a free and uncensored Internet in perpetuity with full protection of individual privacy rights and the protection of freedom of speech and expression and “virtual” assembly. Increase public access to all media that receives public funding.

33. Stop the unwarranted search and seizures for travelers in all public areas. Repeal the requirement of a passport for travel to and from Canada and Mexico. Repeal the “no-fly” list.

34. Allow independent research groups to investigate all “covert” operations such as HAARP to determine the amount of financing directed to such programs and their real purpose and intention. Once a full disclosure is made, a popular vote should be held to determine whether or not the American people wish to continue funding any such program.

35. Require all businesses operating on US soil to install effective anti-pollution systems and water and energy saving programs.

36. Make all food assistance programs more accessible by raising the income level requirements. Increase the amount of assistance to a more realistic amount per person. Provide funding for all programs that feed people regardless of religious or political affiliation. Provide increased assistance for all programs that feed senior citizens and children. Fund ALL school lunch programs everywhere - no child needs to buy a breakfast, lunch or healthy snack at any school (public or private) or any child care, camp or other children's program. Funds made solely on the basis of the number of children and do NOT entail government mandating of food content. Leave it to the parents involved in the school or program to decide what kinds of food to provide or not provide. Fund ALL senior and adult care food programs everywhere - based solely on the numbers of participants, with no regulation of food content by the federal or state government or any mandate as to what company or organization the food must be bought from. Allow only local regulation to determine what food is used. Severe criminal punishments for proof of anyone using these funds to buy from companies, food providers or distributors where the money is used for personal or associated profit without regard to the quality and suitability of the food being purchased. (added 7/23/16) 

37. Ban all pharmaceutical and alcohol advertisements on television. Protect all vitamins, herbal supplements and alternative health products from restriction, prescription requirement or sale to anyone over 18 years of age except in the case of pharmaceuticals proven to cause significant health risks with normal usage.

38. Provide funds on a matching basis for any non-profit organization that provides training, placement and incentive for all young people ages 18 – 25 who need entry into the job market or older workers who seek retraining and wish to be of social and community service in the early years of their retirement or pre-retirement.

39. Gun licensing. Ban all automatic weapons and "copies" of automatic weapons. Enact full licensing of gun ownership, exactly like car ownership. Full examination - written and in practice must be passed. Examinations to include safe storage in the home and elsewhere, including special precautions when there are children in the home. Licensing denied to people with mental health records, certain criminal records and certain physical restrictions. License must be renewed every three years. Full liability insurance must be kept in effect. (Yes, I know I am against insurance, but until other protections are in effect, this can be used to limit those who decide to own guns on the basis of affordability. Also, some protection for victims, intentional or unintentional.). At least $500,000.00 coverage mandatory. Possession of an unlicensed gun a criminal offense punishable by significant fines and possible jail time. (added 7/23/16)

* Mortgage Reforms

Remove ownership of foreclosed homes from the banks and lending institutions and give them back to the former homeowners. If they can't be found, give them to the next former homeowner on the list whose own home may have been stolen from them by the banks ...and sold to someone else! It is a crime that a person who may have paid their mortgage for 20+ years and misses two or three months can have their home taken away from them with no consideration for the amount of interest they have already paid to the bank! Bank robbers aren't people who rob banks, they ARE the banks!

Once a person or family has paid 5 years of their mortgage and is living in their home, the bank should NOT be allowed to foreclose on them! They must be required to refinance the mortgage to make it manageable for the homeowner and to defer the payments in the case of unemployment caused by layoffs.

If the mortgage payments were by law deferred in the case of a person unemployed by the criteria that allows for unemployment compensation, we would have LOTS of job creation!! The banks would make it their BUSINESS to fund companies and get their homeowners back to work!!

This should also apply to businesses closed on account of natural disaster or any other crisis situation out of the control of the business owners. This would allow the businesses to restore themselves or stay open during a recession/ depression thereby reducing the spiral of economic areas all going out of business so that production, service and stability all go down the drain.

The “mortgage crisis” was NEVER caused by homeowners! Not even those who had bigger homes than others might have thought they “deserved.” The mortgage crisis was caused by real estate “flipping” – uncontrolled speculation designed to drive up real estate to unrealistic prices and make unlimited profits for those “investors”. This, coupled with selling mortgages on and on for ever increasing profits.

Mortgages should not be allowed to be a commodity. All banks and lending companies should be required by law to hold their mortgage for its lifetime unless the property owner wishes to refinance. If this were enacted, lenders would naturally be more cautious about their lending practices.

No one should have their home foreclosed through not being able to pay their property taxes or other local taxes or homeowner association fees. These, too, should be deferred and a lien attached to the sale of the property instead, so that the taxes would be paid like a second mortgage or reviewed and suspended in the case of natural disaster, other crisis or validated unemployment. The homeowner should be allowed to continue normal tax payments upon the ability to return to paying the mortgage. Deferred mortgage and tax balances should be paid at the discretion of the homeowner who may opt to pay it down over the course of the life of the mortgage as an additional sum or else retain the balance as a lien against the equity/ sale of the property.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Atlantis - Then and Now

Atlantis developed an incredibly high level of technology and knowledge. Unfortunately, they (we) did not develop a high level of ethics and morality to go with it. Ultimately, they (we) ended up destroying themselves (ourselves) with their (our) own technology.

Through greed and the black arts, crystal/ atomic/ whatever explosions caused the destruction of the world as it was through the separation of the water in the atmosphere. This created "The Flood" - massive chain reactions that caused the atmosphere to change drastically. In Atlantis (the Earth Epoch) the atmosphere of the earth was saturated with water. Understanding this would explain at least several of the archeological mysteries that exist.

Human beings had differently organized bodies, not as "hard" as they are today. We breathed differently. This is why yoga breathing developed, to teach those who were destined to survive how to use their lungs to breath the air that we know today. Manu (Noah) was the leader of the positive stream of humanity that was destined to survive the coming catastrophe by migrating to the East (India). According to Rudolf Steiner, there were two negative occult streams who prepared and also survived by migrating to the West. (North and South America).

These were not meant to survive and were not divinely guided, but obtained their prophetic knowledge through the black arts.

The collapse of Atlantis (both the continent and civilization) plunged humanity into a much more "primitive" state of existence. Gone were the fabulous technologies. Live on Earth became harder and more basically survival oriented. Knowledge was retained by the Initiated but not widely disseminated. Ancient India and Ancient Egypt were able to retain some of the technological knowledge as an ever dimming memory. But it faded with the ages until the masses of humanity were living in the Dark Ages.

Along with the loss of scientific or Earthly knowledge and development came the loss of spiritual or Cosmic knowledge and development. Without the intervention of The Christ, no renewal of connection with the Divine would have been possible for Mankind.

As Humanity began its climb back up to higher stages of knowledge, the negative forces took hold once again, encouraging the growth of greed and destructive knowledge through technology. We have now come back again to a state similar to the pinnacle of Atlantean culture. And we are repeating our former mistakes, amplified. There is no water atmosphere to cushion the blow to the planet this time. As was foretold, it is the Fire this time.

As long as human technology was used to create Death, it could actually be tolerated. Humans have killed each other since the beginning, starting with Cain and Abel. Although these deeds have always been terrible, the nature of murder can be overcome in time through karmic reparation. But when humans "play God" and try to create and genetically manipulate Life, we are crossing an ethical line that cannot be tolerated. No matter how much the propaganda says that it is for medicine and the good of humanity, it is really the greatest expression of the Dark Arts - the Frankenstein Syndrome.

Almost all of the technology in existence today has been inspired and encouraged by Ahriman himself. While much of it can be used for either good or evil, without concurrent development of spiritual ethics and love, it will be and is being used for evil. Death, even massive amounts of death is not really something to be afraid of. We can leave this Earth in many, many ways and return again to continue what we were working on inwardly and outwardly. But when technology has developed in such a way that it threatens to make the Earth no longer a vessel for Life, we have reached a critical point. The almost incomprehensible reality that we can create and are in the process of creating a situation where healthy life on Earth is no longer possible is the ultimate horror.

If the only way to stop this from happening is to destroy this civilization and plunge the surviving remnants of humanity back into the stage of technological ignorance, then bring it on. Better a return to genuine, if primitive, Life than a genetically mutated horrific imitation.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Give Us Barack-ass!

How Fake Does It Have to Be?,2933,41576,00.html

Fox News - Fair & Balanced

Report: Bin Laden Already Dead

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

Usama bin Laden has died a peaceful death due to an untreated lung complication, the Pakistan Observer reported, citing a Taliban leader who allegedly attended the funeral of the Al Qaeda leader.

"The Coalition troops are engaged in a mad search operation but they would never be able to fulfill their cherished goal of getting Usama alive or dead," the source said.

Bin Laden, according to the source, was suffering from a serious lung complication and succumbed to the disease in mid-December, in the vicinity of the Tora Bora mountains. The source claimed that bin Laden was laid to rest honorably in his last abode and his grave was made as per his Wahabi belief.

About 30 close associates of bin Laden in Al Qaeda, including his most trusted and personal bodyguards, his family members and some "Taliban friends," attended the funeral rites. A volley of bullets was also fired to pay final tribute to the "great leader."

The Taliban source who claims to have seen bin Laden's face before burial said "he looked pale ... but calm, relaxed and confident."

Asked whether bin Laden had any feelings of remorse before death, the source vehemently said "no." Instead, he said, bin Laden was proud that he succeeded in his mission of igniting awareness amongst Muslims about hegemonistic designs and conspiracies of "pagans" against Islam. Bin Laden, he said, held the view that the sacrifice of a few hundred people in Afghanistan was nothing, as those who laid their lives in creating an atmosphere of resistance will be adequately rewarded by Almighty Allah.

When asked where bin Laden was buried, the source said, "I am sure that like other places in Tora Bora, that particular place too must have vanished."

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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gunfight! Obama Style!

Osama bin Laden is Dead

In a live address to the United States and the world, President Obama announced that U.S. military forces have killed Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

May 2, 2011

What’s wrong with this picture?

1. IF one were to believe that bin Laden was an evil genius/ mastermind international criminal – way to go US! It only took 9 ½ years to “get” him. Looks like all that TORTURE has really paid off!

2. Bin Laden (like Saddam Hussein) was a Bush family business partner and political ally for many years. Bin Laden’s sister and other family members living in the US were flown out of the US by the US government hours after WTC.

3. IF one were to believe that bin Laden was an evil genius/ mastermind international criminal – and it was necessary to “bring him to justice” – I guess we are back to the “justice” of the Wild West – burst into the saloon with guns a-blazing. No trial, no jury, no chance that the “desperado” might say something in court that calls the “good guys” into question. Déjà vu – WACO!

4. It’s a good thing that they gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize right away, BEFORE he involved us in more wars, military actions and fascist style executions.

5. Bin Laden took credit for the anti-US actions that he either organized or sanctioned. He said that he was NOT involved in WTC, but he wished that he had been! He would have taken credit for it.

6. The “official” WTC story is NOT CREDIBLE in terms of physics/ witness accounts/ WTC 7/ no plane at Pentagon/ intact “passport” of “hijackers” found hours after lying on the street, etc. The masses have been hypnotized/ brainwashed to reject anything other than the “official” story.

7. Even if the “Arab pilot” story were true, it was never connected in any way with either Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden. We attacked Iraq because of a fabricated “weapons of mass destruction” hype that, even if it had been true would not have been connected with WTC in any way. We attacked Afghanistan because they refused to cooperate with the Siberian pipeline through the country. Hypnotized ‘Muricns were instructed to believe that Afghanistan was harboring terrorists that would attack us at any minute. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan made any kind of attack on the US or US citizens prior to the invasions. Saddam Hussein was educated in the US and worked for the CIA. Both Hussein and Bin Laden were business partners of the US Oil Empire for decades and solid US allies. The US set them both up as useful targets. Being friends with the US is a good way to get killed.

8. This story may be a total fabrication designed as the next distraction from the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster reality.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

For the Record

I have been infuriated lately with the fact that so much attention is being paid to the royal wedding and little to none to the ongoing, unfolding situation in Japan. CNN is sending 120 reporters to London (according to NPR radio news), Fox - 50, etc. while there are NO western reporters in Japan and haven't been for weeks. Cowardly, craven bastards!

Go to the Wedding
Go to the wedding
Put on your best dress
The bridegroom is waiting
To honor the guests

Go to the wedding
And cheer with the crowd
Throw rice and take pictures
As much as allowed

Go to the wedding
And merrily feast
Ignore the dire warning
That comes from the East

Go to the wedding
By land and by air
Tomorrow’s the funeral
Today we don’t care.
Christine Natale
April 28, 2011